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Monday, April 18, 2022

·1 min

The Doom Emacs Discourse is finally “real”. Here is the announcement post. I hope more projects realize that Discord is not the right tool for anything more than “hanging out”.

Finished migrating from DEVONthink into EagleFiler for my “Filing Cabinet” and “Library” collections.

Just discovered delta: A syntax-highlighting pager for git, diff, and grep output. Nice.

Hmmm. Publish Logseq notes as Hugo documents.

Ben Thompson makes a good argument for something that should never ever happen:

A truly open TwitterServiceCo has the potential to be a new protocol for the Internet — the notifications and identity protocol

Back to the Future of Twitter – Stratechery by Ben Thompson


.. unlike every other protocol, though, this one would be owned by a private company. That would be insanely valuable

Ben Thompson

Please let’s not.

OpenBB Terminal is cool. (via Alex)

Thought I could live without PopClip for Mac but nope. Installed.