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Saturday, April 16, 2022

·1 min

There are two small man-made ponds in my neighborhood. This morning on my walk, the full moon was reflecting beautifully off one of them and it was nice.

I’ve been a user for 10 years, they tell me. They also, as a thank you, sent me a free year of the 1TB plan. That was nice of them.

I spent six hours this morning working on a custom Emacs config. From scratch. I copied and pasted some of my stuff from my Doom config, but mostly I opted for the defaults. It was horrible. Nothing works nearly as nicely as the Doom default setup. I mean, not even close. I’m going to continue picking at it, but I think I’m done trying to make it a daily driver.

I love it when nerds question an app’s “Business Model” as if they have a clue.

Running the Orion Browser by Kagi to see how it feels.

Twitter is unusable without Tweaks for Twitter