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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

·1 min

I’ve added comments here. Used Cusdis - Lightweight, privacy-first, open-source comment system. It was super easy. We’ll see how it feels, and if I like it enough once they start charging for the hosted option. I don’t think I’m interested in self-hosting. My feelings about comments are usually mixed. I like having them available, but almost no one comments, so it ends up being mostly overhead. Plus, I prefer getting emails from people to drive-by comments.

This Focomat IIc is going to be the death of me. I plan to try and adjust the autofocus mechanism myself to see if I can get it to focus throught the entire range. I’ve also ordered a 75 watt bulb to replace the 150W bulb to try and get exposure times up to a workable duration.

Focomat IIc. (Leica MP

I was able to replace the screen on (what will become) my mom’s iPhone XR. I bought the repair kit from for $99. It wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day. has a web UI now. This makes it much more interesting for me. My profile.