September 7, 2022

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

☀️ Clear +64°F

Alex referred to one of his blogs as his daily waffle” and I feel seen. My whole life is a daily waffle. No matter what I’m doing today, it should be assumed that it’ll change tomorrow.

I’m moving a bunch of domains from to even though I just read about them having a prolonged outage. Is that weird? That seems weird. But, I had a few domains scheduled to renew at iwantmyname and they’re rather expensive so let’s try it. Several people I know seem to love Porkbun.

(via @ftrain)

Shortly before and shortly after Apple events is a good time to stay out of the blogosphere”.

I’m holding out for the Apple Watch Yowza.

Migrate TiddlyWiki to Org-roam: Part 1 I’m writing this down, but I’m not going to actually try it, nope, not doing it.


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