April 20, 2020

TiddlyBlink on Glitch

Tom Critchlow:

While Anne-Laure’s post walks through how to self-host or set up a local instance easily none of the web options for TiddlyWiki seemed very satisfying so I went fiddling… I quickly discovered this excellent TiddlyWiki reference project on Glitch from Thomas Elmiger. So all I did was remix this project - install TiddlyBlink and hey presto it works out of the box!

He’s right, it does work right out of the box. I made this in 2 minutes…


It requires authentication in order to edit anything, but allows for anonymous access otherwise. An ideal configuration for a public hosted wiki with next-to-zero setup. It’s stock TiddlyWiki with the Roam-like backlinking features of TiddlyBlink pre-installed.

I should spend more time in Glitch.

TiddlyWiki Glitch

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