March 29, 2020

I miss Blot

Since archiving my Hugo blog at and moving my blogging to, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for a simple, text-based workflow. By simple” I don’t mean locally rendering a static site (ala Hugo) and syncing it to a server. That sounds simple, but really isn’t. It started when I accidentally” opened my Blot folder in VS Code (don’t ask). There all my posts were, organized in folders, as plain text.

Mmmmmm, nice.

Blog posts fall squarely at the Records” end of the Thoughts vs Records spectrum, so posts in plain text are ideal.

Blot has always struck a good balance between the simplicity of text and ease of use. I like using CMSs like WordPress and Ghost because the words are right there: type, save, done. Blot works much the same way, but with only plain text, on my local machine.

I wish I could say that I wasn’t thinking of reviving this blog for something, but I’d be lying.

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