January 23, 2019

A new way of including the weather in my Org Journal

I nearly forgot about wttr.in. Curl wttr.in in a terminal with a few parameters and you get a nice graphic” weather forecast.

I use it in my Org-Journal to show the weather for the day

Here’s the bit I insert at the top of new journal org-mode files:

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results value verbatim
curl "wttr.in/49301?0pQT"

Just execute that block (Ctl-c Ctl-c) and it inserts something like this:

    _`/"".-.     Light Snow
     ,\_(   ).   21-30 °F
      /(___(__)  ↘ 12 mph
        *  *  *  9 mi
       *  *  *   0.0 in

emacs orgmode

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