February 14, 2020

Sending the Leica M3 in for repair and CLA

Leica M3Leica M3

The rangefinder in my 1960 Leica M3 needs repair. It stops moving when focused closer than about 4 feet. Time for a complete CLA.

I bought this M3 in 2013 and it had apparently been CLA’d by Youxin Ye in 2012. I guess it’s time for another. I’m sending it to the highly-regarded DAG Camera Repair. I’m including the 50mm Summicron, just in case he determines that could also use a bit of work.

It’s not inexpensive having these cameras taken care of like this, but a few hundred dollars every five or ten years ends up being a small investment. At this rate I should be able to get another 60 years out of it. Well, someone will.

Leica Photography

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