June 30, 2019

Pinning Butterflies

Eli Mellen:

Question: what is to be done with the stuff after it has been cataloged and stored? Are we pinning butterflies for the sake of pinning them, or is there a moment of beholding, and re-use/re-mix down the line?

Save and make? Transform?

This raises a great question: Which butterflies to pin1?

I’m not one to think that we need to carefully archive everything, but there are many seemingly useless things that should be saved but aren’t. One never knows what will prove valuable over time. Or what might be re-mixed in the future. I fall into the better-safe-than-sorry camp, but determining what to archive and what to just let go can be a crazy-making problem.

  1. I’ve never heard it expressed as pinning butterflies” before. I love that. Thanks Eli!↩︎


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