June 6, 2019

I tried again with Twitter

I got back into Twitter about a month ago. I thought I missed it, but it turns out I only missed small portions of it, and those portions have been drowned out by pessimism, hyperbole, hate, and self-interest.

Here’s how I tried making Twitter into a pleasant experience again:

  1. Unfollowed everyone and started over.
  2. Disabled retweets
  3. Muted lots and lots of keywords.
  4. Tried having a good attitude

And still, my feed was awash with the usual awful, depressing, tedious noise of people determining that Something is BAD!!!” and yelling incessantly about it without a single rational suggestion about how to make it less bad.

There just isn’t enough signal to go with the noise. I’ve had to stop visiting Twitter again.

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