May 14, 2019

Deleting apps

My computer is home to most software ever written. I try every new app I hear about, but rarely do I delete them once I’ve stopped using them. Of course I keep a bunch of them around, just in case”.

The problem with the just in case” apps is that I find myself launching them simply as a distraction or something new” to play with.

This morning I deleted the apps that I don’t use, or that I don’t want to use right now. Those apps were…

Cardhop, Portacle, Agenda, Amethyst, Capture One, Skelotron, Curiota, Dashlane, Diarly, EagleFiler, Elephant, Fantastical 2, Fork, Ginko, iA Writer, Klib, Launchbar, Mailplane, MailSteward, Marta, Memory Tracker by Timely, Notability, Notebooks, OmniFocus, Oni, Pathfinder, Postbox, Shiori, SnagIt, Spark, TheArchive, Tiddly Desktop, Timeular, Twitterific, Vanilla, Vivaldi, Yoink

There are a half-dozen or so remaining that I should delete, but haven’t yet. This is a good start, though.


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