June 4, 2019

Apple’s Audacity (Ben Thompson)

Ben Thompson, Stratechery:

it was fun seeing what Apple came up with in its attempt to build the most powerful Mac ever, in the same way it is fun to read about supercars. More importantly, I thought that sense of going for it” that characterized the Mac Pro permeated the entire keynote: Apple seemed more sure of itself and, consequentially, more audacious than it has in several years.

Audacious” is a good word for it.

Apple…emphasized privacy at every turn, and did so with passion: it felt like the fight for privacy has given the entire company a new sense of purpose, and that is invaluable.

In short, it is clear that privacy has become more than a Strategy Credit for Apple. It is a driving force behind the company’s decisions, both in terms of product features and also strategy.

Cynics scoff, but I believe that Apple’s push for privacy is the right thing and a good thing.

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