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Displaying a random quote in TiddlyWiki

Oh goodie, another post about TiddlyWiki1.

There was a recent thread on Micro.blog about surfacing older content in order to find things that might have otherwise been forgotten. I love this idea, so I added a Random Quote tiddler to my wiki. Here’s how I did it.

Installed Matt’s ‘Shuffle Operator’ plugin2

Then, I created a new tiddler, Random Quote, to display the random quote.

Last, I added the following to the Random Quote tiddler:

<$list filter="[tag[Quote]shuffle<now>limit[1]]">

    { {!!text} }


(Remove the space between sets of curly braces, those are there so they render correctly here)

That’s it! Now the Random Quote tiddler will display a single, (relatively) random tiddler selected from all tiddlers tagged with “Quote”, although any Filter expression could be used to determine the list of tiddlers to pull from.