July 19, 2018

Spacemacs configuration changes

I’ve made some recent changes to my Spacemacs configuration.

I like to keep my spacemacs/emacs config synced between devices. To do this, I’d been keeping everything in ~/.spacemacs.d/ and syncing the entire directory. My init.el, private layers, snippets, bookmarks, etc. lived in ~/.spacemacs.d/ and synced via Syncthing. Worked great.

It worked great, that is, until recent changes were made to the way Spacemacs handles environment variables. Spacemacs now reads environment variables from the default shell and writes them to a file in the configuration folder as ~/.spacemacs.d/.spacemacs.env. This meant that every time things synced, it wreaked havoc on the other system, since many of the environment variables are different between the Mac and Linux machines.

So, I went back to the normal method of keeping my configuration in a ~/.spacemacs file and symlinking my layers and such from elsewhere into ~/.emacs.d/private. The .env file is now created at ~/.spacemacs.env so it doesn’t get synced. I imagine there’s an easier way to handle this, but this is what I did for now.


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