July 28, 2018

My favorite video game is Inside”

I love video games but I rarely play them. I’m terrible at games. My brain can’t handle complex controls using multiple buttons. I dislike managing an inventory” of any kind. I have a terrible sense of direction. I don’t learn from my mistakes. It’s a recipe for failure.

I bought a Nintendo Switch hoping it would rekindle my interest in gaming, and it did, for a while. Most games are too difficult for me to enjoy. I don’t have the patience or the skill and I quit playing in frustration.

Inside gameInside game

Based on positive reviews, I bought Inside by Playdead. I love this game. It has wonderful physics, beautiful design, simple controls, and is full of pleasant surprises. I’ve been saying Wow!” a lot. The puzzles are fun and clever. The ongoing sense of accomplishment is perfectly balanced against the beautiful but creepy environment.

Inside is a nearly perfect game for me.

game nintendo

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