July 17, 2017

Posting to Blot using Ulysses

It occurred to me that since Blot uses text files in a Dropbox folder, I could write new posts in any iOS editor that uses Dropbox. So, I’m typing this in Ulysses on my iPad.

I started by adding ~/Dropbox/Apps/Blot to my Ulysses library. Then I created a new document (this one) in the ./Drafts folder. When finished, I moved the file from Drafts to where I keep my posts (./posts/2017) and poof!, it’s published.

One trick I didn’t know about is that if you begin a file in Ulysses using @: it determines the file name. For example, this document begins with:


This creates the file in Dropbox named posting-to-blot-using-Ulysses.md”, which is what I want.

Nice, since I still believe in file names.

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