May 11, 2017

First time printing with the Focomat IIc

I’m still working on restoring a Focomat IIc. It’s been a bit of a struggle, but I reached a milestone this week: I made some prints!

Focomat IIcFocomat IIc

So for I’ve only gotten the 60mm Focotar to work, but after adjusting the autofocus I was able to make a couple of prints from 35mm negatives.

I’ve always read that condenser light sources make sharp prints, but dust can be a problem. That is an understatement. With the glass carrier, there are six surfaces that can carry dust, and I think I’ve gotten dust on every one of them. I need to learn to be careful and extra clean.

Next step is to find some contrast filters. I’d also like to get the built-in lightbox working but that looks to be quite a project.

It’s all fun, though.

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