May 20, 2017

Dave Winer on JSON Feed

Dave Winer:

If developers have a hard time using XML in their apps, if that’s the problem, why not attack it right there? Work to make it easier. I work in Node and the browser, and in both places XML and JSON are equally easy to use. The same could be done for any environment. In fact in the browser, XML is integrated deeply into the programming model, because the web is made out of XML.”

I’m with Dave. Even though I’m sure it’ll make some developers happy, JSON feed feels like it’s solving a problem we don’t have.

UPDATE (2017-05-26): I hadn’t considered the idea that even though XML/RSS is pretty well-supported, parsing JSON is somehow more fun. That alone should spur some innovation or at least get people talking about feeds again. Maybe JSON Feed is solving a problem we didn’t know we had.

UPDATE (2017-05-30): It seems Dave is beginning to think along the same lines now.

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