July 15, 2017


Blot has been popping up in my feed at micro.blog.

Blot turns a Dropbox folder into a blog.

Use your favourite app to write. Just drag-and-drop files into Blot’s folder to publish them. Images, text files, Markdown and more become blog posts automatically. There’s no interface. Just files and folders.

I’ve tried a number of these blogging-via-dropbox things and they’ve all disappeared. Still, I paid the $20/year fee for blot.im (charging for the service is a good sign) and started this blog just to get a feel for it. It feels pretty good.

Blot.im is clever, simple, good-looking by default, and cheap.


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Posting to Blot using Ulysses It occurred to me that since Blot uses text files in a Dropbox folder, I could write new posts in any iOS editor that uses Dropbox. So, I’m typing