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Inspired by the Tumblr blog My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection I thought I’d go through my albums one by one as well, but without writing nearly as much about each of them. My records are organized (loosely) alphabetically. So, starting from the top left, we have 38 Special.

I only had a brief infatuation with 38 Special, but this was the album that started it. I spent too much time trying to draw that cover (and never succeeded).

Favorite song: Wild-Eyed Southern Boys


At the record store

Spent an hour today wandering around in the Corner Record Shop. Ended up taking home a rather varied selection of new (and old) records.

  • J. Geils Band – Full House. “First I Look At The Purse” is so great.
  • Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield. Used in The Exorcist. Makes it creepy
  • Kill Bill Volume II soundtrack. I love the music Tarentino chooses for his films.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik. A necessary edition to the vinyl collection
  • Miles Davis – Kind of Blue. Mine was scratched. This one is brand new.
  • Patti Smith – Horses. Remastered. One of my favorites.
  • Jack White – Blunderbuss. Jack White has staying power. This is a great record.
  • Allen Ginsberg – Ginsberg sings William Blakes “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. Weird.
  • George Michael – Faith. Admit it, this is pretty awesome.

So much music!