Day One to Tinderbox

I’ve kept a Daybook using Tinderbox for years, and wish to continue doing so. The problem is I know that Day One exists and is really good at what it does. The conflict between smooth and easy entry using Day One and the comfort and flexibility of Tinderbox keeps me up at night. Well, not […]

Making it easier

This site is built using Tinderbox. I continue to find ways to improve the process so that publishing is as easy as I can make it. One thing I still didn’t like was getting images in the right place and linking them. So I fixed it. First I added an “ArticleImage” attribute so I don’t […]

State of the System, 2014

I love reading about the tools other people use, so I thought I’d write down a few of the things I’m using these days. It’s no secret that I like to tweak my “productivity system”. I don’t do it because I think I’ll actually become more productive, but because it’s fun to play with new […]

Easier publishing of my Tinderbox blog

I sometimes forget that Tinderbox can do everything. I was shuffling some things around here today and that means repeatedly needing to push the changes out to the server. This normally consists of exporting the HTML out of Tinderbox and switching to Terminal to run rsync. I have a tiny shell script called “pushblog” which […]

Using Tinderbox to publish LaTeX documents

Every now and then I find myself fascinated with LaTeX even though I have no real need for it. I don’t write academic papers. I don’t need to represent complex mathematical equations. I don’t write long documents requiring references, figures, or any of the other things LaTeX is so good at. What I like most […]

Digital Recordkeeping

Keeping track of All the Things(™) isn’t that difficult. Or at least it shouldn’t be, but I find it nearly impossible. The problem for me isn’t a lack of software, it’s the abundance of great software. Here is a list of software I’ve used to keep track of all the digital detritus in my life: […]

Blogging with Tinderbox

My interest in blogging varies with my mood. I go from digging deep and wanting complete control to just looking to type a few sentences and hit the Publish button. One thing that always returns is the desire to have a basic, static blog running on as simple a server as possible. Years ago I […]

Software Comfort Food

I find trying new software, reading manuals, and browsing release notes to be a perfectly fine way of enjoying a Saturday afternoon. It’s fun, but can lead to a certain amount of confusion. Where did I put that file? What should I use to edit this document? Text editors are a good example. It used […]

Tinderbox as a Minimalist Writing Environment

Eastgate’s Tinderbox is a deep, complex, and significant piece of software that I have been using daily for years. It’s an outlining, mindmapping, blog-publishing, timeline-generating, text-analyzing, agent-using, note-taking everything tool. It’s also a minimalist writing environment. Create a new note. Hide the sidebar (if shown by default) Close any other note windows Write. There are […]

A little thing about Tinderbox updates

I recently upgraded my copy of “Tinderbox”: to 4.5.3 – a minor release. After the last few updates, this one seemed almost a non-event. I never know what to expect with each new Tinderbox version, but there’s always something useful. Once I dug into the 4.5.3 update I found my initial impression to be mistaken. […]