How Everything We Tell Ourselves About How Busy We Are Is A Lie

Vivian Giang in Fastcompany But this doesn’t mean that watching television makes people happier. Robinson says that those who watch more television also reported feeling less happy compared to those who spend their free time reading and socializing. This makes sense to me, since I typically only watch television when I’m in a bad mood […]

Useless Meetings


 Like a virus the meeting sickness has spread in our organizations over the past years. The symptoms seem to be the same everywhere: bad preparations, wrong attendees, no documentation and a growing anxiety over all the work we get less and less time to perform – via axbom   I often come across as someone who […]

Lotus Agenda


Someone recently mentioned their love for (and continued use of) Lotus Agenda. My ears perked up because Agenda was one of those apps so completely loved by the people using it that they’ve been whining about its demise for nearly 20 years. Curious, I thought I’d see if it was still possible to run Agenda, […]

Writing Stuff on Index Cards

When I type something on my computer it can be easily filed forever into a giant hierarchy of files and notes. When I write something on an index card it gets in my way until I deal with it. That sounds like a disadvantage of index cards and it is — but only if you […]

Launchbar 6

Launchbar was the first app launcher I loved on the Mac. I’d used Quicksilver prior to that but it was buggy and we never got along well. Launchbar was awesome and has been around forever. However, when Alfred came along I was seduced by how pretty it was and eventually switched. Alfred has been great, […]

Done With To-Do Lists

I’ve been addicted to fancy versions of to-do lists ever since I first read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” several years ago. The ideas behind GTD are powerful and can be very effective when applied consistently. I drift in and out of using a full-on GTD workflow and am constantly tweaking my “system”. In fact, […]


Taskwarrior is a darn nice terminal-based task manager, but I sometimes tire of having to scan the list of tasks, find the task ID, then type t 13 mod due:fri or t 13 done every time. Enter vim-taskwarrior… vim-taskwarrior is a vim plugin that extends taskwarrior with an interactive interface. It features a rich set […]

RegEx Renamer for Alfred

If you’re an Alfred user and frequently need to rename files in the Finder, you should take a look at RegEx Renamer I use this all the time for things like changing case, removing spaces, adding dates, and so on. It’s also helping with my recent decision to consistently name files. I use the following […]

Using Paper

I don’t use paper because I’m “nostalgic” for it. I use paper because I prefer it. I use paper for as many things as I can. Notes, lists, tasks, everything that makes sense. I even tried a paper and folder based project management system for a while. I loved the idea, but it turned out […]

Personal Kanban

We use Kanban boards successfully for most client projects, so I thought it might be interesting to try it in other areas as well. “Personal Kanban” is meant to help with that. The book is deliberately non-prescriptive, which I found a little disappointing. The entire thing can be boiled down to two concepts. 1. Visualize […]