Leica M-P


This new Leica M-P does look great. It may be a “Perfect understatment” but I can’t pay $8,000 for a camera body. I’d sure like to try one, though. It looks great without the usual Leica “Red dot” and with the etched “Leica” script on the top. Maybe someday. http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/Leica-M-P

How Fountain Pens are Made

Discriminating writers still consider the fountain pen the ultimate writing instrument. Fountain pens are fun to use and, for some of us, to collect. I’m left-handed, which makes using a fountain pen challenging. It’s worth it. Here’s how quality fountain pens are made.  

Hasselblad CFV-50c


  I love my Hasselblad film cameras and would love them even more if I could drop a digital back on them. The new CFV-50c looks like just the ticket. Now, if I only had an extra $15,000 around here somewhere. Still, wouldn’t it be cool to shoot digitally with a camera from the 60s?

Replacing my Olympus Stylus Epic

You will almost always find an Olympus Stylus Epic on or near my person. The unassuming little Stylus Epic is in my opinion the best compact film camera for carrying everywhere. It easily fits in my pocket, is weather resistant, has a very nice f/2.8 lens, a spot meter, and goes from pocket to photo […]

Leica IIIf

I’ve always wanted a “Barnack” Leica, if for no reason other than the nostalgia of using a piece of photographic history dating back to the mid-1930s. I’m not a (deliberate) collector, so condition and rarity weren’t important to me. I ended up with a “user” IIIf. The camera is not really a IIIf but rather […]

Leica M7

I had a long talk with myself after somehow acquiring no fewer than 4 Leica M bodies. That’s beyond what even I can rationalize. During the talk, I asked myself, “What if you could keep two of them?” The answer was that I would need to buy an M7 in order to keep just two. […]

Leica M3

A funny thing happened while I was waiting for my new M3 to ship from Japan. A nice user sample with a recent CLA showed up on the local Craigslist. No harm taking a look, right? I couldn’t resist, and bought it at a fair price. My fear with the M3 was that the viewfinder’s […]

Marco Arment on his new Magic Mouse

Marco Arment on Apple’s Magic Mouse: > “But it comes with a cost. Setting the auto-unlock wheel mode requires the Logitech software, which screws with the standard OS X pointer sensitivity and scrolling acceleration. To get mine to work the way it should, I had to install Logitech’s software to enable the auto-unlock wheel, uninstall […]