Apple Extended Keyboard II

Apple Extended Keyboard II

  I’ve now been reacquainted with what might be the best keyboard ever made, the Apple Extended Keyboard II. I’ve been using one at both my home and office desks…

Apple IIc

Apple IIc

I found an Apple IIc and monitor in storage so I thought I’d see if it would fire up. It did.   The IIc uses an internal 5 1/4 floppy and the only… A Voyage to 2009

A Voyage to 2009: The ideal Kindle would have hardware page-turn, Home, and Menu buttons and a touch screen for UI navigation, selection, and text entry. The hidden, error-prone touch…

Leica M-P


This new Leica M-P does look great. It may be a “Perfect understatment” but I can’t pay $8,000 for a camera body. I’d sure like to try one, though. It looks…

How Fountain Pens are Made

Discriminating writers still consider the fountain pen the ultimate writing instrument. Fountain pens are fun to use and, for some of us, to collect. I’m left-handed, which makes using a fountain…

Hasselblad CFV-50c


  I love my Hasselblad film cameras and would love them even more if I could drop a digital back on them. The new CFV-50c looks like just the ticket….

Leica IIIf

I’ve always wanted a “Barnack” Leica, if for no reason other than the nostalgia of using a piece of photographic history dating back to the mid-1930s. I’m not a (deliberate)…