Blog consolidation

I was looking for something I’d written years ago on my blog and was having trouble finding it. Whenever I lose things it’s because I’ve moved them for no good reason other than I’m “cleaning things up around here.”

I’ve been blogging since the late 90s and still have most posts in one form or another. In an effort to clean things up around here (see!?), I’ve reassembled most and imported them here at, which once again runs on WordPress.

The lesson here, if there is one, is that there’s no reason to risk losing content and breaking old links just to try new blogging software. WordPress is old and capable and complete and stable and fast (enough) for me. I should stick with it. I probably won’t, but I should. Besides, it’s fun to see how long the archives page is getting.

VimR – Vim Refined

Project VimR — Refined Vim experience for OS 

I love the idea of VimR. Take “real” Vim and add OS X friendly features. More friendly than MacVim, I mean. Things such as a built-in file browser that acts like NERDTree but part of the UI.

My ideal editor would be BBEdit with complete Vim bindings. Until then, I’ll keep waffling between BBEdit and Vim and hope that VimR gets closer. Currently I can’t even open a document in VimR (probably a Yosemite thing) but I’m looking forward to it.

Useless Meetings

 Like a virus the meeting sickness has spread in our organizations over the past years. The symptoms seem to be the same everywhere: bad preparations, wrong attendees, no documentation and a growing anxiety over all the work we get less and less time to perform
I often come across as someone who hates all meetings. That’s not true, I just think that most meetings are useless and nearly all meetings could be improved. My meeting rules:
  1. Have an agenda and stick to it
  2. Invite only absolutely necessary people
  3. Stop when you said you were going to, no matter what
  4. Document what was said or decided


Blogo 2 first impression



As a long-time user of MarsEdit I thought I’d give the recently-updated Blogo another go. I’m loyal to and comfortable with MarsEdit but initial impressions of Blogo 2 are positive. It feels modern and complete, if a little buggy. Image handling seems nice. Formatting controls are handier but not as complete as those in MarsEdit. Blogo does not yet support Markdown but I see that they plan to.

The live preview feature of Blogo uses an actual unpublished post so that the preview looks like it will when published. That’s nice.

So far Blogo only supports WordPress blogs but will be adding Tumblr and Blogger support and probably Squarespace, etc.

It’s good to see movement anywhere in the blogging arena these days. Blogo 2 offers a darn fine option to those of us who still find blogging useful.



Dear too many of you,

I don’t mind that we don’t agree. I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, but I’m willing to listen, so long as you’re willing to discuss things rationally. On the other hand, if you’re only capable of shouting opinions and quoting misguided “data” as facts without also considering (however critically) what I have to say… well then I must say goodbye.

And that’s a shame, because I believe you’re smart, concerned, and capable. Believe it or not, you’ll be missed.



Hasselblad CFV-50c


Hasselblad CFV-50c


I love my Hasselblad film cameras and would love them even more if I could drop a digital back on them. The new CFV-50c looks like just the ticket. Now, if I only had an extra $15,000 around here somewhere. Still, wouldn’t it be cool to shoot digitally with a camera from the 60s?

Good News is Good



My Twitter stream was becoming so full of snark, entitlement, and whining that the two back-to-back local news updates above stood out and reminded me that there can also be good news and nice people.

I tire of listening to people making fun of everything, or bitching, or just being dicks all the time. When that happens I unfollow anyone who says anything remotely negative more than once in a 24-hour period. I end up following way fewer people, but I feel better. And I hope that feeling better helps me avoid being part of the problem.